C-Style Buffer Board

Chuck D. Bones

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Sure is a lotta parts for a unity gain buffer. Replace the BC549 with a darlington, like the MPSA13, and you can ditch the bootstrap bias circuit. Gotta wonder about why C2 is so large. I agree that an opamp buffer like the Centaur input offers a low parts count and best (most transparent) performance. A JFET would work well too, but that is a whole different can o' worms!


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So, I A/Bed my Cornish and Klon buffers. The C-Style almost sounds like a mildly set Sonic Maximizer is engaged pre-dirt. The Klon really doesn't add anything


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Dimebag lightning guitar...check

The sonic maximizer claims another victim!
he needs camo cargo shorts with Chuck Taylors...lol Looks like that guy was super stoked in that vid ...lol

HCAF ...oh those were the days...

Sonic Maximizers make a Bedroom rig at low volume sound great..a band mix..well .....how i acquired mine was people giving them to me !