Changing EEPROM on my Haarp?


I built a Haarp a few weeks ago. It’s cool but not that practical for my guitar playing so I was wondering if it’s possible to buy a new 24LC32A with the patches I want and swap it out with the Haarp on, will that work? I don’t see why not, it’s not exactly the same as the Octagon but pretty close.

ps. I’ve made a pedal a week since I’ve been in isolation, PedalPCB and playing guitar has kept me sane during this unsettling time. Thank you.



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You could, but the toggle-switch will function as Pot2 (Ctrl3) which will be a little odd. Obviously, the Wet/Dry controls will work a little different then Mix/Level but that's not a problem either.

I'd say go for it. Do you have an EEPROM programmer?


I don't have an EEPROM programmer but I could easily order the EEPROM from PedalPCB already preprogrammed. thanks for you answer
I kind of went the other way, I'm basically using an Arachnid, but one of my patches is a HAARP. It's a super neat effect that I like to play with, but I agree it's not that practical to keep around. It still works but with the opposite issue, you have Pot 2 pretending it's a toggle on HAARP patches.

You may be able to find some patches thatyou can get away with all-or-nothing on Pot 2, and they would work in a HAARP circuit.