Chorus! Chorus! aka My Caesar Build


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Here it is! My first PedalPCB project. I'm a huge HUGE fan of the Walrus Audio Julia for my bass (Fender Vintera '70s Jazz Bass) and when I saw I could get a clone kit for it, I was all in.

After some troubleshooting, I got it working perfectly. Side by side with the Julia I can barely tell a difference. Sliiiightly different, but I wouldn't know which was which in a blind test.

I designed the graphic myself (or, at least as much as you can design a graphic that contains somebody else's trademark.. lol). Lots of manipulation in Illustrator to get his bass right and the background, etc. I'm actually using sublimation to create my pedal faceplates as I have a sublimation printer and heat press for my side hustle, so figured, why not? Lets me create anything I want in a way that is arguably even more durable than a screen print or probably even a UV print. I could actually use photo images, if I really wanted to. Try doing THAT with a screen print! :)

Please excuse the upside-down IC in the image, the photo was taken prior to troubleshooting :)

IMG_1992.jpg IMG_1993.jpg IMG_1994.jpg IMG_1996.jpg


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Very nice, where’s the gut shot?
For some reason the forum says it's too large to process, despite being no larger than the others. I threw it up on imgur (who compresses it :mad:)