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Danube Fuzz (Skreddy P19)

Chuck D. Bones

Well-known member
Yellow Sunshine! Far out, Man!
The pic on the right, is the box warped at the top or am I having an acid flashback?


New member
my jig wasn't exactly set up right on this one and the top bent slightly when i punched the enclosure for its dc jack. You can only tell with the back off so no biggie.


New member
I really love it. It totally nails those David Gilmour tones, but is just a great BMP on its own. Not muddy or overly bassy at all, easy to dial in. This one has the BC550C trannies, i built another with 2N5089's and it sounds to me a little brighter.


Really Stella work, right down to the font. Great execution. Great circuit, too. Been meaning to box mine up for a while, but other things keep getting in the way.