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I just finished the AMNESIA yesterday and oh boy this is a box full of wonderful and/or weird sounds, there are so many sweet spots, it's mind boggling.

It can do worn out tape delay, white noise wind sounds, pitch shifting, all sorts of warbling, even some sort of enveloped looping ...??? I don't know .... listen to the 2nd snippet. And that's just some of the stuff while scratching the surface.

The build itself was the usual story with them: I love their circuits, but can't embrace the layout of the PCB at all. So, I got a bigger enclosure, moved stuff around, put the Ghost Mode on a little switch outside ... et voilà.

amnesia.jpeg amnesia-g.jpeg
Sweet build! DEFX rocks, glad to see at least some of their stuff getting down to 125B size. Super interested in the Fuck OD board they just put out but don’t want to order a 1590BBS/1590C that’s recommended 😂
Thanks and yeah, I'm down for a Fuck OD for sure, I even hope they go on with the ss/bs stuff and also bring the TAFM and the BUZZZZ.

But even their 125B PCBs are totally akward, that shape they use ... it's like all their PCBs must fill the enclosure for some reason, "no wiggle room for you, ha-ha" they seem to say, I mean look at the 'Zilla for example. :rolleyes:
Annnnnd @Robert 125B’s that mofo 😂

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