Delegate Compressor "Boneyard Edition"


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I know there is some info in another thread, but it would be helpful if this and the other 'Boneyard' editions had a bit of info to help make the decision as to which version to build.

First, are there any tonal differences? I can see the the output section is been fed off the opamp not the MPSA18, does this change the character of the Compressor?
Also is there any range of adjustment difference? I can see the R4 on the sustain section is 10k rather than 22k, and R12 in the tone section is not there on the original.
Do the two LEDs in parallel with the LDR provide soft clipping?

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I went over most of this here, but since you asked nicely I'll recap.

Q1's emitter can have some distortion products on it due to loading from Q3 and D4. The output of IC1.1 is clean. The compression works the same. I could get into the design history of this pedal, but suffice it to say that at one time there was a reason to take the output from Q1-E and now there is a reason to not take the output from there.

Two controls had their adjustment ranges changed: SUSTAIN & TONE. I added 6dB more gain at the top end of the SUSTAIN range. I got rid of the treble cut at the bottom of the TONE control range because who needs treble cut in a compressor?

The optional LEDs across the LDR provide soft clipping at the initial attack of a note or chord to keep IC1.1 from saturating. They only come into play if SUSTAIN, ATTACK and/or RELEASE are maxed out. Otherwise, they don't turn on.
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