Dr((o))ne Machine (Parentheses into Mofeta)


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I've paired these circuits before (Fuzzdog / Coda), but with the Mofeta coming out, I wanted to do this PedalPCB combo too, mainly for science, but it also brings the benefit of the Boost being usable independently.

Matched D9Ks, a handful of tantalums and a LM308AH from Evilbay/China in the P. No idea how "legit" that one is .... but it sounds fine to my ears. I do have an OP07 to try out though.

Biased the T around the suggested 4.25-4.3V as a starting point.

Short Bass Demo with my Test Loop: Clean, + Rat, + Octave, + Model T, + Boost, - Rat/Oct, - Boost, - Model T, Clean.