Drill templates will be available soon


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Any word on drill templates for the following (I'm trying to get Tayda drill templates and UV art set up):

Byzantium Flanger
VIIB Vibrato


Is there any chance of adding a measurement marks within your drill layouts? It is helpful to know if the printer put it out 1to1. Something to note the length and the width?


They work extremely well! I marked a 125B for drilling in less than 1 minute without hurrying.


fuckin sexy.. is that foot switch nut abalone??! or just funky lighting?
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They arrived today, everything still has to be counted/added but expect them sometime tomorrow.

The best way if you're unsure is to compare against the paper printed template. In most cases the 2, 3, and 4 knob templates will use the inner set of holes (1.3" spacing) and the 5 and 6 knob templates will use the outer set of holes (1.6" spacing).

There are a few exceptions, but this is usually the standard.
Geeze, I certainly have a question and you hopefully can help.

I for some reason let it slip my mind that the 5 - 6 knob PCB's use the outer holes and marked and drilled out a 6 hole enclosure using the inner holes. I know you said that using the outer holes is in MOST cases, but are there any that I can get that are the inner holes? Realistically I have nod idea what the build would be, but I don't want to scrap my enclosure if I have to.


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I don't think there are any 6-knob projects with the narrow alignment although I'm certain I've botched a design at some point over the years and done this. Let me dig through my pile of scrapped PCBs and see if I have something.

If not, another possibility might be a 3 or 4 knob project with a faceplate to cover the extra holes.

If you think you can squeeze in an extra hole for the toggle switch the ElectroVibe Mini might be a good choice for that.

There is no matching hole on the drill template for the toggle switch so you'd need to use the paper drill template or faceplate itself for placement.

Let me make absolutely sure I don't have something else that will work though, sometimes drilling a hole so close to another one can be tough.
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