Electrical shop closing & selling inventory


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First I’ll mention the caveat that this is from eBay which I use very sparingly and only under particular conditions (recommendations, amount of sales and positive feedback etc.). That said I came across this shop while looking for the Fairchild CD4049UBCN for Llama builds and other that prefer that chip over the TI equivalent. Bought a bunch of them and ended up finding some legit 2n404a’s that tested out greatly. He’s also open to negotiating a respectable cost for multiple lots.

Long story short, it’s a US based seller who seems to have a ton of components (some rare oddball ones) that so far check out. Responds to questions in a timely manner and ships quickly. Also packages using anti static bags.

I’d recommend going through his inventory if you’re looking to stock up.

Here are the 2n404a’s that I bought around 10 lots of. Still 100+ lots of 4 left:

Hope everyone has had a good start to the new year!

Edit: Just talked to Mike, the guy who runs the shop. Apparently the items listed on his eBay store are only a small fraction of what he’s actually got in stock. So, if there’s something in particular you’d like but don’t see just shoot him a message through ebay. Good guy.
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I bought some of those Intersil FETs, probably from the same ebay seller about a year ago. They are supper nice! The were probably for a mil-spec customer originally because they are like triple packaged. The packaging of each individual FET probably cost more than the actual FET!