Electro Harmonix POG

This is an octave pedal I am shocked hasn't been requested yet.

The Nano version would be better but the Micro would work too. Would buy this in a beat if it was available! The MXR Bass Octave Deluxe pedal would be excellent too.
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The fv-1 can do a rudimentary digital octave up/down. Pedalpcb has a patch for some of the fv-1 projects here (eeprom builder). It’s pretty fun to use, but there is a very noticeable latency as well as a tremolo type artifact that often occurs on the octaves. Not anywhere near the level of a pog. Eqd put out the organizer (pedalpcb version is organ donor), which basically takes this rudimentary type of octave and markets it’s quirks as an organ emulator, with some extra features to accentuate this.

As said above, there’s some analog monophonic projects, like ocelot for down and squidward for up, but these are very different than the pristine polyphonic digital octave pedals