Enclosure Powdercoat Colors

Jovi Bon Kenobi

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From a design standpoint some of those hammertones and veins have high contrast between light and dark, so anything that is more monochromatic but still textured in that way would probably be easier to label in one color.
I'm not a fan of the "standard" translucent colors over what looks like unfinished aluminum, i.e. emerald and gold. But the gold, copper, and US penny vein looks slick. As does the black hammertone.


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Grey/black hammertone, gold, and olive green would be perfect for some classic circuits I want to house.


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I'd vote for a rainbow of colors, in general - gotta make that board sing ROYGBIV, baby.

For reference - Just looking at PPP's website, it looks like the price diff between powder coating the enclosures is roughly:
- standard ($3.85+enclosure) - flats and translucents
- premium ($5.00+enclosure) - metallic/hammertones/some sparkles
- deluxe ($8.55+enclosure) - fancy sparkles


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Once you factor in shipping, taxes, etc we're looking at between $15 - $20 per enclosure depending on standard / premium / deluxe colors.
A bit steep in my opinion, but probably the only way it's going to be possible using PPP...

I'm looking into other possibilities, but that's where we are at the moment...