First Build - Mach 1 & a '74 Phase 90 clone


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Thanks for all the info on here. I'm the new proud daddy of a Lightspeed (Mach 1) and a '74 Script Logo Phase 90 clone. The LS sounds really great, there are settings that you can't even tell that it is on. I tried to use good parts and fancy knobs. I do enjoy seeing the solder flow. the BYOC Phase 90 sounds good, but has the same background noise the my MXR block logo one does [edit - this went away when I put it on my pedal board. PS is a Strymon Zuma and it was hooked up to the RC30, which is a Zuma extension - not sure why, but sounds great now).

Anybody know the best thing to clean sharpie off the enclosure?

Here are some pics:

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Two years ago, I made a BYOC phase 90, too. And I changed some components.

- All 6 of UA741 were changed to LM741 . Original MXR pedal component is LM741. It gives more fast speed.
- Check your 5952 matching. BYOC said all jfet's were matched but mine is only 3 TR's were matched.


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Looking great! Cleaning up sharpie works usually good for me with methylated spirits/ alcohol on a cotton cloth, T-shirt fabric and rubbing it away. Hope that helps!