Flanger To DIY or not to DIY?

Feral Feline

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I was going to start a flanger thread, but thought it might be good to extend this one instead.

Any update on the EMV2 builds? @beachbum @fig @Feral Feline

Would you recommend it over the MB Current Lover?

In similar fashion to the original post: I like the evh117 and I like the elec mistress. Trying to figure out if I should build or buy. And which one …err… one(s)? :unsure:
Alas, all my kit is in trans-Pacific transit ...

The answer to build or buy is always both, but adapted to each situation based on its own merits — which may mean buying one of something and building nine of another or buying none of something and building wan more time...

Dan M

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We'll have a couple flanger projects soon.... :)

Well, I bought a BF-2 on reverb. I figure that’s the least likely build candidate (for me) and keeps me open for whatever you’ve got brewing.

I mean, let’s face facts: Before this is all over, I’ll have a BF-2, a mxr117, and some sort of mistress circuit. And then @Chuck D. Bones is standing in a shadowy corner of a boneyard saying, “Hey buddy. You like those, come check this out”.


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Narrowed down somewhat. Mistress clones have the sound I like most, so cut it down to those but kept 2 outliers that are still tempting.
In no order:
madbeans mistress
This mistress clone PCB that was on reddit today

I have to think about it some more, but having some sort of kill dry or at least wet/dry control might be the next filter, which would narrow it down further to just the Deco or Camoflange. I think the deadastonaut is the only DIY with a mix control but I need to check that one out a bit more before forming an opinion on it.
Why not just build a couple of em and pick one you like best? It’s what I do then end up keeping and liking them all for different reasons I am a DIY pedal junkie afterall