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FV-1 Programs


New member
A while ago I bought the Threeverb, a FV-1 based reverb pedal. I built it, it turned out nice. But now I don't really have a need for the reverb anymore, since I bought an amp with a reverb I like built in. 😕

I'd like to keep using the pedal, but try something new. As a programmer, I'm interested in trying my hand at making my own FV-1 programs to see what sort of horrible sounds I can make. I ordered myself an EEPROM programmer and a few chips. While they ship, I'm reading the FV-1 specs and looking at SpinCAD Designer.

Anyway... The point is: Do you plan (or have you) released the source to the FV-1 programs, or the SpinCAD Designer files, or whatever format they happen to be in? Seems like they might be a good place for me (or others) to start experimenting.


Well-known member
Using the fv-1 development board on here, I am able to read the code off of the pedalpcb eeprom chips I already bought. You might be able to do the same w your programmer.

the eeproms read out in bin, then I can convert them to fv-1 source code using this decompiler.

I think it’s reasonable to pay for the patches that pedalpcb writes, but it would be great to be able to buy the code directly (have it emailed to me) and avoid paying for shipping, the actual eeprom chip, and pedal PCBs time flashing it.


Just a thought for you programmers: I haven't seen any DIY FV-1 projects that can do reverse delay


Active member
Yeah, I've got the pseudo-reverse delay from the spinsemi forum and it's fun. I have a few EEPROMS of random patches found online or homemade via SpinCAD. Some fun stuff out there.