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After a succesfull Son of Ben, and Chop Shop I started a next project.

Finished my General TSO's compressor but it is not functioning as aspecting.
When switched on blend there is a throbbing pulse. Switched to juicymode the throbbing stops. The balance knob acts like a volume boost that is way above unity gain. (Both blend and juicy mode)
Where to start?

Grtz Nico


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I do this all the damn time. I can say to myself,”Don’t forget to add the ICs and trannies.” What the hell, why isn’t it wor.. d’oh, oh yeah add the IC and trannies.


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:D No the IC is in there. I took this picture before I closed and reopend the enclosure when I realized I forgot the IC.
The trouble is with the IC included. Do I need to make a new picture? A better one I mean?
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with the exception of the the throbbing sound it sounds like its working per the build
• Sustain - Controls the amount of compression
• Treble - Rolls off high end content
• Balance - Clean blend / Volume control (depending on mode) • Balance Mode (Toggle Switch) - UP Volume, DOWN Blend

What are you using for power a power source, what do you have in the signal chain and where is this pedal in relation these could all be factors in the throbbing or LFO sound

This pedal is based off of the ross compressor and @Chuck D. Bones did a great workup on mods for it to compensate for some of the undesirable (not wrong) attributes of the pedal.( I think he did anyways)

One thing you could definitely do is a reflow solder, some of your eyelets appear to be empty from the top.


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I used one output of the Harley Benton powerplant junior. Galvanically isolated 120mA output each.
I am used to just soldering the back side. Do I have to solder both sides to avoid open eyelets or use more solder to let it reach the component side? I guess it's possible since it's double sided PCB that there could be a problem.

Edit: Ah I read the basic workflow topic. Not how I did it. No fluxing for example. Mmm some good tips in that topic.
I don't trust the soldering on the toggle seeing the picture. I am soldering with reading glasses and a magnifying glass.
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