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Since there's a delay with the BBD contest ( progress is being made....there is an expert on it ), I just finished testing and cataloguing a lot of 50 Germanium PNP MP21As, so let's do some contesting!

I loaded the values into my Ge stash spreadsheet, and retrieved the average GAIN and LEAK values.

That's where YOU come in. No...not them....yes YOU!

The 3 closest guesses to average GAIN and LEAK between the time of this post and Midnight, Friday July 30th (this Friday) will each win a $25 PedalPCB gift card. If you guess both values exactly...yeah right!*

Now, some of you are thinking "I don't even know what's in the ballpark or what units to use" ...I know because I can read minds....Here's your chance to learn enough Germanish to impress the neighbor's dog! I gave you the part number above. Find the datasheet, it might have a clue on the GAIN. LEAK values are fairly unpredictable, but I'll tell you that they are all below .120mA [ µA values acceptable...please denote ]. Gain values are simply integers.

If you want to learn more about these components and their attributes, I highly recommend starting here;

Happy contemplation!

*Say wha?.....It's possible you say? Do it and you'll also win a $100 gift card to PedalHacker's store to buy groovy mojo doodads. Zippety-do-dah!


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62hFE with a leakage of 0.197mA. But wait...

I'd chosen to consult the akashic records for guidance on those numbers, but that does not tally with your message causing me to question the validity of the leakage value, all you say, all are under 0.120mA how can this be! Being stumped I feel the urged to contemplate a more scientific approach, I randomly play a note on my guitar and measure the frequency 466.16Hz must be A# (amazingly my guitar is in tune) I divide that by 50 and low and behold 9.3232, I’m choosing to over look the decimal place error, for who hasn’t said that Pedal PCB oder was £10 when it was actually £100. ;)

So I’m sticking with my gain at 62hFE and have revised the leakage to 0.93mA

Edit: Many hours later...

Blimey them decimal places got the best of me! When I say 0.93mA I really mean 0.093mA, but after such confusion I hence forth retract myself from this competition.
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Hold your horses, there is a deception a foot.

Mr. Fig states, and I quote the scoundrel directly, "I just finished testing and cataloguing a lot of 50 Germanium PNP MP21A"

But Sir! I count with my very eyes 51, this is clearly a deception of grave magnitude, but I clearly see the secret message, these transistors look like nothing less than UFOs, the number 51 is clearly a nod to Area 51. I call you out Mr. Fig, who are you and who do you work for? :alien:;)


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You sir, never cease to amaze Me with your generosity! Thank you!

That being said, I know absolutely nothing about Germainium anything..

84hFE .101mA...

now that’s taken care for I’m going to go read up on little aluminum colored hats on sticks.
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Hfe 58 leakage 0.67uA (micro)

Too generous, too much fun, thanks kind Sir.

Now, to get whacky, which device or method did you use to test? What is the room temperature when measured and did you touch them with your bare hands before measuring or did you use temperature controlled gloves? Are these trannies pregnant and have certain itches for gherkins in the morning and stuff like that?
Just kiddin' about the quirks of those things... ;)

Chuck D. Bones

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I hope this isn't like the contest a local gas station was running. With each fill-up, you could enter a drawing to win free sex. I went down to check it out. After I filled my tank, I asked to enter the contest. The attendant said "sure thing" and handed me a slip of paper. He told me to write down a number from 1 to 10 and give it back to him. I wrote down "5" and handed it back. He looked at it and said "Sorry Guy, today's number was "7." I thought this was total bullshit and told a couple of my drinking buddies about it. One of 'em said "No Man, it's real! My sister won that contest two weeks in a row!"