GigRig Wetter Box


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So, I just ordered one of these to replace my Boss LS-2 Line Selector. While the LS-2 works, it doesn't fully solve my problem. Here's my problem...

So my pedalboard consists of a dual rig setup with two Line 6 HX Stomps: one for bass and the other for guitar. The idea is that I can use one or the other or (even better!) both at the same time. The LS-2 lets me do this. However, because both my HX Stomps output in stereo switching to a stereo output is a bit tricky. Basically have to use a patchy and flip flop things going to my mixer. It works...but in a somewhat clunky fashion.

The Wetter Box on the other hand does pretty much everything the LS-2 does but accepts stereo sends and returns for both A/B loops. So, you can input a mono signal, run it in stereo through both loops, mix the two together, and send it back out in stereo. Noice!