SOLVED Help me identify and replace this switch


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It's a selector switch from an EHX Holy Grail Neo.

I was very happy with the pedal right up to the point where the switch failed. I used it a lot but gigs are pretty sedate for me and it didn't get abused. I suspect that it was simply a bad switch that failed. It became floppy and was stuck on one of the settings. This happened a couple of years ago, just before Covid hit, and if the pedal was still under warranty then, it's not now.

Anyway, today I decided it was time to remove the switch. Sadly, it was soldered in pretty securely and in trying to get it out the plastic crumbled from heat and stress.

So, look at the pics. It was a 3 way switch with two rows of prongs, a 2P3T. I'm guessing it was an on/on/on switch, and it was small, some kind of mini/micro thing. You can see the markings, I'm calling it a Q22 though Google isn't very helpful with that. The other side just says 1A 250V - 3A 120V.

You can see that the PCB is looking a bit crap; I couldn't get the switch out using my smaller soldering iron, so I had to get out the larger hotter one, and the results aren't pretty. I do believe I haven't ruined it, but if I have, OK. I bought a Zoom MS-70CDR to replace it over a year ago, and I love the Zoom, so the EHX is basically a paperweight and if it's dead, then I can write it off and maybe re-use the enclosure for something.

Now, here's the important part: I'm in Australia. That means I can't just order one switch from a US retailer for a couple of bucks. Any purchases from the US at this point are expensive and slow. Slow I can deal with, but I'm not spending $30 on a switch.

1. What is this kind of extra-small switch called?
2. Where can I find a replacement that isn't way too expensive?


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This one doesn't have the smooth shaft but otherwise should be compatible. Mouser has it but maybe with the part number you can find a dealer in your area.


I believe it's a sub-mini DPDT ON/OFF/ON.
Thank you, I can find those locally, possibly cheap. I was worried it might be a bit more obscure, but if anyone here knows what they're looking at, it'd be you.

The shaft doesn't matter, it just passes through a hole in the enclosure and is only held in place by the PCB. Which is kind of dodgy, really. Anyway if it doesn't fit I can enlarge the hole.


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Ahh I looked at Tayda but missed that one.

I saw a forum post suggesting that the un-threaded shaft is an "update" by EHX to reduce physical stress....

I think I'd take my chances with the threaded version. :ROFLMAO:


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DHL unexpectedly delivered my package of goodies from Tayda on Sunday afternoon (AEDT), so I did the thing, jammed the new switch in there and soldered it on, fired it up and... not working properly, all three settings identical.

So I cleaned up the board and tried it again and... SUCCESS. It seems to me that middle position (Hall) is always on, and Spring and Plate add different settings to the digital reverberations.

Note nut on threaded toggle switch. I also replaced EHX's dull knob with a white mini-chickenhead.


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