Help needed! Artwork Not Coming Through?!

Betty Wont

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Please help!? Complete noob here. Haha.sorry for the sloppy build. I hope to get better. It sounds great though. Mods for tone pot, volume boost, and diode selector. I've tried EVERYTHING though but can't connect with it. Bypass works. I built this random board I found on oshpatk. It's an acetone fm2. The led lights up when engaged. I cant tell if its supposed to be like this having never had an original, but it just.... has no art. No sparkle in the paint, no depth to the visual effect. I cant seem to get the transparent color I desire. Any mods out there for more legible labels? Should I have socketed the enclosure? I have another on order in case I have to un solder it. I already have the parts on the way for a shallow water. I hope I don't have the same issues...


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