Help Troubleshooting Sunflower Fuzz


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Hello all. I built this sunflower fuzz and I’m only getting clean sound when bypassed. The led isn’t lighting up either. I reflowed the joints. Tested continuity between leads and points on the board. I’m getting 9volts on the pads where the power jack connects. I’m also getting 9volts when I test pins 1 and 8 on the 1044.

I asked in the diypeals subreddit and someone said it’s because of the 109’s I’m using. That person suggested I replace them with with AC128’s or 2N527’s. Does any know a good reputable source for 2 of these? Will it fix my audio problem? I linked the diypedals discussion for reference. I would appreciate any help or insight anyone might have. Thanks


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I think your best bet here is to simply adapt the circuit for NPN.

1.) Remove the Charge Pump and Jump 5 and 8.
2.) Rotate C6, C1, C2

Since you were using a charge pump, the DC wiring is already correct.