Hologram Electronics Microcosm


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Full description below.. check out the vid if you don't want to read the whole description.
One of the coolest and most versatile pedals out there. Even if there where a pcb, I bet it would be a very challenging build. Probably better than spending 450 bucks though! Also it is one of the most watched items on reverb, and it sells out very fast.

Microcosm rearranges and reinterprets your sound in new and exciting ways using a variety of granular sampling, delay, and looping techniques. Cascading microloops can be locked into tight tap-tempo synced rhythms, diffused into glacial ambient textures, woven into hypnotic drones, and much more.

Microcosm's 11 groundbreaking effects (with a total of 44 preset variations) allow you to slice, stretch, rearrange, and manipulate your playing in musical ways. Tweak the sound further using Microcosm's built-in pitch modulation, lush stereo reverb (with 4 selectable modes), and resonant lowpass filter.

When you’ve found a sound you like, the built-in stereo phrase looper can capture up to 60 seconds of your performance and even allows for layering phrases from different effects. All loops, overdubs, and settings can be saved and recalled later using the pedal’s 16 user presets.

11 unique granular and looping effects with 44 preset variations

- Stereo Input/Output

- Expression Input, mappable to many controls

- MIDI In/Out/Thru, clock synchronization

- 60 sec. Phrase Looper with many configuration options

- 16 User Preset slots for saving loops and settings

- Stereo Reverb (with 4 reverb styles)

- “Hold” sampler function to freeze effects and patterns

- Adjustable Pitch Modulation
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