Hylian Fuzz : issues with "control”

Hi, I did the Hylian Fuzz, all is wired correctly, not a lot of components, volume is HUGE but the control pot do litterally nothing on sound, or maybe a bit at one of the extreme. Anyone got the same issues? Thanks


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The Legend of Fuzz arrived today. This is the newer version with gold powdercoat and far superior build quality.

Just wrapped up the trace, so here we go.

There a few minor differences in this particular version of the pedal;

1) Both pots are A100K
2) The Control pot is wired backwards compared to the older version
3) As you can see in the pic below, the 2N2222A is a TO-92 plastic transistor instead of TO-18 metal can.

Everything else is identical to the Hylian Fuzz.

Using an audio taper pot wired backwards is similar to using a reverse log taper so it reduces the dead spot when turning the Control pot all the way down (or Up in this particular pedal).... the original does go almost completely gated.

The pedal sounds and behaves basically the same as my Hylian Fuzz build... which if I'm being honest, is just not very good.... but to each their own.

So to recap, here are the changes I'd recommend:

1) Install the 2N2907A backwards (the silkscreen on the PCB is incorrect)
2) Use a C100K pot for Control (equivalent to A100K wired backwards)
3) Use an A100K pot for Volume

I tried the circuit with and without the reverse polarity protection diode and filter cap, there was no audible difference either way.

I pulled all of the transistors and checked the hfe for those who might want to know.

Q1 - 795
Q2 - 205
Q3 - 821
Q4 - 805
Q5 - 798
Q6 - 128

Aside from that, I'm afraid that really is just how this thing behaves.



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LOL! It does seem to be very picky about transistors... I tried a few (and even swapped the same ones around into different positions) and it sounded different every time.

The reverse wired A100K pot (or C100K in the Hylian PCB) will reduce the area at the low end of the pot sweep where there is little to no sound.


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As a long time devi fan boy, I needed to say that you kind of work with the quirks with these things. Yeah it's not versatile but when I put my p bass through a meatbox or hogsfoot before this it has a unique gated rip that I enjoy quite a bit and you can actual turn the control knob down and not completely kill the signal. Not a permanent fixture on my board but if you hit this thing hard enough it is glorious.

I've had a genuine effector 13 sodameiser w chaos and boost on my board since 2008, also built a second one with a transistor flipping switch to make it a vintage fuzz master on the fly. Highly recommend. That one was a fuzzdog board.

Not a bad idea actually, you could make a sodameiser/vintage fuzz master board with the transistor flip built in.

Her oscillating fuzzes are also great, I made an improbability drive from FD and made some kalimbas with an octaver and a pedal pcb hyperion 2 hidden inside. Super fun.