I built some sh*t (Bronx Cheer, Wavelord)


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So here are some recent builds: first is an Escobedo “Bronx Cheer”. Was looking for a simple circuit to use up some parts on and this caught my attention. Board is from GGG. Nice interesting little fuzz. First time using a transformer in a build. Home rolled darlington from 2x 5088. Hfe reads 90k on my little meter!
F6357636-9160-42E2-BB70-DAD335A2C631.jpeg E081CF86-31E0-4C82-A0E2-144E81F862C9.jpeg
Hot mess of offboard wiring. Also need to order some standoffs. Next up is a MBP Wavelord. Was lured by the siren song of interesting wave forms. Call out to @tcpoint for supplying the VTL5C9.
2B8AF2A1-3BDA-467D-8B84-754340EAE1DD.jpeg 49D90933-D53E-418A-9425-9CE4A1ACCE5C.jpeg
I am a little underwhelmed currently with this one. I REALLY want to be all in on it since it is a well liked circuit (no peer pressure), but the second bank where I want to live, is pretty subtle even with depth at 100%. Maybe I dun f’d sumpin up, or maybe I need to try the NSL32sr3 any suggestions appreciated. One thing I would ask, are the VTLs supposed to have some sort of identifying mark on them? All that this one has is what you see.