I seem to have collected more enclosures than I remember...


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For someone who doesn't build that much lately (got a few new PCBs on the way though), I seem to have amassed more enclosures than I remember (there are easily 15 1590As in that first box). I'm sure some of you can put this to shame though?

2020-11-02 20.26.39.jpg


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Are you willing to part with some of them? Many people here, myself included, would love to have them. For a price of course ?


I have plenty of boxes and plenty of builds... but I prefer laser printing so I have to go into the office... damn COVID.


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I got several dozen 125B's in cream I bought when Pedal Parts sold and cleared out some old stuff, lots 1590 type A and B as well, I'll probably start painting over the cream ones as I've built a dozen or so in that color and I'm bored with it

Edit: I also have few dark and textured 1590B's if anyone is interested in those