I want to build a Roboto... in a Gameboy


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A friend of mine gave me his original non-functioning Gameboy and asked if I could turn it into a pedal.
I think it would be cool to build the Roboto in it.

I think I can work out installing the electrolytic capacitors sideways but I'm not sure if I need to use smaller pots. Or where I should mount them and the footswitch?
I've seen a few layouts but this one seems to make the most sense

But this one is fun too

Maybe a mix of both?

And what about the screen?


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I like pic number 2.

Get large metal washers, one inside and one outside the Gameboy casing, external one painted black (bonus points if you notch it out to be a "+", oversized, and a BLACK stompswitch (available at Tayda). Red Davies 1900-style knobs just like pic#2.

The rotary I'd stick where the screen goes, being careful to not crack it while drilling. If you do crack the glass, just get some new perspex or whatever and then silk screen a custom message/name for your friend as well as the rotary's control-information.

Battery LED is your bypass on/off indicator of course. Maybe replace the "Select" and "Start" buttons with a couple of slider DPDTs that change out a couple capacitors or something, or a small pushbutton — make them do something, somehow.