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Hello everybody. Blessings to all. I just built a king midas and sounds pretty good. I had a whistling noise that resulted to be the charge pump. I had a 7660s cpaz. Replaced it with a lt1054 pin 1 bended and problem solved. I think that the 7660s I got is poor quality. I’m trying to find new 7660’s from a trusted suplier and found on the mouser page few of them with different #s 7660ipaz, 7660cpaz, 7660scpaz, 7660a... Any help to makemthe right choice. Thanks.


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Yep, they need to be 7660S or they will whistle. Any letters after that don’t really matter in our applications. 7660SCPAZ work splendidly. Always check the data sheets to make sure Pin 1 is BOOST!