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I'm returning to my large enclosures, and you can't stop me


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So, ordered a Hammond 1456WL3BKBK enclosure to build myself what is hopefully the ultimate dirt/ boost/ noiz box for my needs. Going to be powered by the JMK/ THCustoms Epic Looper. Each of the five loops is going to have a dedicated dirt box, and possibly pre and post fx loops. WIll have a master buffered bypass, and another buffer at the output

Not 100% yet, but what I have in mind so far
Main loops
  1. Sweet Honey or other tweedy/ supro like OD
  2. Turbo RAT
  3. Op-amp Big Muff
  4. Demo Tape Fuzz and/or Peachfuzz
  5. Cream Puff
For auxillary circuits that are going into it for sure, I've got
  1. Treble boost
  2. Bass boost
  3. Green Ringer
  4. Bit Commander
  5. Microamp at the output
  6. Distortion+
  7. Have 3 1-Band parametric eqs I'll probably toss in
Being 11x20" I'll still have a tone of room left for other circuits. Any one have any ideas while I wait on the rest of my parts to come in? Thinking maybe a fixed wah or Anderton super tone control somewhere.
Also, power... Not sure if I want to do dedicated or just build it to run off my Mondo. Pros/ cons? The looper alone takes 9v 400ma



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Oh man that is awesome. I’d throw a tagboard Noise Ensemble in there if you want some more freaky stuff.
I'm not terribly familiar with Pt2399s, but I do have two Madbean Dirtbaby boards. Could that be hacked to do some of of what the Noise Ensemble does?


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I’m not sure I’d bother doing that. Building one from scratch is really not that difficult, very small parts count!


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I think this would be very cool !

Do you have room to mount a CS 12 power supply or something similar in there as well ?



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I think this would be very cool !

Do you have room to mount a CS 12 power supply or something similar in there as well ?

There will probably be room to mount a supply in there, but haven't decided on what route I'm gonna go as far as power yet.

Willikers! It's so beeeeeeeeeeeeeg!
Was this in any way inspired by what they did over at Sweetwater?
I haven't seen that. Link?


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EDIT : Basically scrapped this idea. See subsequent posts

So, after some deliberation, here's the plan

Master Bypass with either Klon or Cornish Buffer

Pre-Epic Looper input, on dedicated bypass switches, in signal order
  1. Into the Unknown Guitar Synth (Crazy PLL driven synth, like a bastard of the Pigtronix Mothership v1, and Schumann)
  2. Captain Bit (Bit Commander)
  3. Multiwave Guitar Synth (Wave shaper deal w/ Ring Mod and octaves)
  4. Treble Deluxe Booster (Brian May style dirty treble boost)
  5. Pacifier (Punkifier)
  6. Op-amp Muff Fuzz (Simple dual op-amp OD/ Fuzz, surprised I don't see it more often)
  7. Sonic Reducer (Pseudo bit crusher/ aliaser)

Epic Looper w/ 7segment LED Loops in order
The first circuit in each line will have a dedicated footswitch. Distortion Circuit will be "always on"
  1. Amentum boost into Dynasty Distortion (Arrows into Dyna Red)
  2. Squidward into Muroidea Distortion (Tentacle into RAT)
  3. Park & Ride into Dream Fuzz (Q-Zone into Big Muff)
  4. Cold Turkey into B-Side Fuzz (Detox into Demo Tape)
  5. Eagle Claw Octave Fuzz into Cream Pie Fuzz (CMOS octave up madness into Cream Puff)
The output of the Epic Looper will go into a 1-band Parametric EQ, MicroAmp Boost (these two will share a bypass switch), and Klon buffer

With the Bank switch of the Looper, that puts me at 20 footswitches, 54 pots, and 6 toggles.

Only things left for me to figure out are the power, and if/ where I want to add any effects loops. Thinking I might just pick up an isolated power box and rehouse the guts. Looking at the Voodoo Lab 4x4 and Sweet Foot Pedals Iso Base

Also, I need to decide on knobs. I've used 1360s and 1900s almost exclusively for everything I've ever built, so want to spice it up a bit with something else. Thinking I'll probably stick to black, but may go with something bare aluminum

Just waiting on a few more shipments of parts and PCBS, then this thing will be under construction. If I were any good with graphic design, I'd draw something up, but I'm not, so you'll have to use your imagination until I can get some mockups completed;)

EDIT : Basically scrapped this idea. See subsequent posts
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So, changed what I was doing with this. Basically decided to split this project into two, so this one will be the (mostly) PedalPCB mega build. The other will be a mad guitar synth box.
The circuits making it in include (in no particular order, read below):
  1. Pandora's Box (Expandora)
  2. Muroidea (Rat)
  3. Dingo (Alpha Dog)
  4. Dream Fuzz (Op-amp Big Muff)
  5. Kinetic Fuzz (Psi Fuzz)
  6. Arachnid #1 (dual pitch, pitch mod, lo-fi, ring mod, chorus, flanger, phaser, pulsar)
  7. Unison (Double tracker)
  8. Organ Donor (Organizer)
  9. Pythagoras #1 (dual pitch, lo-fi, ring mod)
  10. Pythagoras #2 (dual pitch, lo-fi, ring mod)
  11. Pythagoras #3 chorus, flanger, pulsar
  12. Arachnid #2 (digi delay, mod delay, tape delay, pitch delay, space delay, kaleidoscope, hypernove verb, glimmer verb)
  13. Radium Springs (Spring 'Verbs)
  14. Captain Bit (Bit Commander)
  15. Park & Ride (Q-Zone)
  16. Amentum (Arrows)
  17. Squidward (Tentacle/ Green Ringer)
These will all now have their own relay bypass switches, and be arranged in five groups for the preset looper. I'll be using pin headers and dupont cable for the wiring, so I can muck with the order and grouping, or change out circuits anytime without soldering/ desoldering a bunch of wires. So, 24 footswitches total (each effect, five epic looper switches, 1 bank switch, 1 master bypass switch). The FV1 circuits just showed up today, so I'll get those populated tomorrow or the next day. All eight FV1 boards will also be supplemented with the Clock Module

There will also be a Muzzle, but it will have a toggle bypass. I'll have a Fuzzdog Spluffer spitting a signal to the key input. A C-Buffer will be mounted to the master bypass, and the output will have an always on Klon buffer.

Drill Template for footswitches and controls (still making sure everything will line up properly. The vertical lines came out skewed, so had to adjust for that):


I've decided to mount a Voodoo Lab Mondo inside the unit in such a way that the courtesy outlet and the unused 9v outlets will be easily accessible. I'll be doubling or tripling up circuits to the 9v outlets, so I won't need one per each. The biggest current drain of the bunch is the Epic Looper at around 400ma.

Circuits so far:

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I also need to figure out effects loop wiring. I'm using these from Tayda, but get horrible noise when nothing is plugged into the send/return. I've used them before for another 2-in1 build and didn't have any issue, so I'm not sure what's going on now. Doesn't seem to matter what two circuits it's between. I have the switched tips wired together, and the jacks grounded.


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Progress. Really wish I'd had a machine shop with CNC do this :ROFLMAO:


All the circuits are ready to go, except a few of the relays(ran out of voltage regs)