Important: Dust Covers for 16mm Potentiometers!


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I've always been the guy that says Condoms removes all the feel.... Who needs condoms!
Also, all my pedals are infected, so now I use them religiously.. lol
I had the literal ONE time I didn't use a dust capped POT cause a short due to clearance issues when I built the UberDrive... I was like "seriously, the one time I didn't wrap it up?" haha

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Or use milk tabs hot glued on ...

That's seriously annoying though. All my Alphas have the covers, I'm used to that and now they want me to PAY? They should've continued including them for "free" and just upped the price of the pots overall to keep their bottom-line accountants (and me) happy-ish.


Has anyone else found that not putting a cover on makes them turn much more smoothly? It's as if the cover creates a vacuum effect and they're much stiffer.