Important: Supplying Pictures when an Issue arises with a PCB Build !!!


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I have to raise this ongoing issue when Members ask for Help with an Issue with their Build.
I keep repeating this saying '' Pictures are worth a Thousand Words'' !!!
Please supply Pictures of PCB & ALL connections ( Footswitch, Input & Output Jacks, Power Jack ) to it along with a clear explanation of the Issue with your Build in the Troubleshooting Forum!
You will save a lot of Back & Forth guessing from the Help available to you if we can see the actual Build!
This will result in a quicker & less stressful environment!

Cheers music6000
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it will also save a lot of posts in reply to Help requests that say "you need to post pics of your build....." good lighting and focus are the key to getting good phone pics. turn on the "flashlight" on your phone if you need more light. that seems to give better in-focus close-ups than using the flash.