In over my head on SMD project


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Once again my lack of knowledge and skill set is no match for my hubris.... being infatuated with the muzzle circuit. I started down the rabbit hole of seeing what it would take to modify it to work with the that4305 and external op amps, all the tech data is available and seemed to be relatively straight forward .. so why hadn’t anyone done it yet? So I figured I would test myself to find my limitations.... 9F616847-5F0E-4FDB-9853-DD44482B307E.jpeg

Well I found my limit (I can’t even see the damn legs on this little bastard.I’m 99.9%I’m not going to pull this one off boys... Maybe I’ll go Mod a tube screamer circuit on a breadboard that’s been done a thousand times over to make myself feel better... I’ll be in a garage with poor lighting looking hopelessly on the ground for a $5 chip I just dropped if anyone needs me. 🤣