Inject Drive Custom Pedal - HANDWIRED


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This is my own Eyelet Board Construction & is 2 similar circuits combined with a Jfet buffer on the Input by Chuck D. Bones.
The toggle switches between Silicon, None & Germanium/ Silicon Diodes!
It goes from Clean to Mean with the Drive knob which is basically a Bias pot.
Chuck can explain on the Buffer in the comments below! :

INJECT Custom Drive Pedal 1.jpg
INJECT Custom Drive Pedal 2.jpg

Chuck D. Bones

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Clean build.
Cool knobs.
Great graphics.
Nice belly-button jewel.

Oh, right, buffer...

Phill can share the schematic, but it's pretty similar to a LovePedal COT 50 which in turn is based on the venerable Range Master. The thing about the Range Master and its derivitives is it has a low input impedance. The low impedance loads the pickups and smothers the top end. Sometimes that's ok, sometimes not. When I built my Strange Bastard, I ended up adding a JFET buffer up front so that the pickups see a high impedance load and all of the trebly goodness comes thru. I recommended the same to Phill and he incorporated that into the Inject Drive.