Input/Output/Power PCB

Joben Magooch

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Perhaps a weird request, not sure how feasible it is - but something that I think would be neat is a PCB to mount your I/O jacks and DC power on. I looooove the convenience of having board-mounted pots - so much nicer than hanging wires - and pretty much anything I can get put on a PCB and cleaned up is a win for me.

I know Kevin over at Aion Electronics sells a small I/O module kit thing, if you need an idea of the sort of thing I'm talking about...but I don't know how reasonable that would be to create something to interface with the 'standard' PedalPCB format. I know there'd be some challenges, like figuring out a way to align the parts while still maintaining the current drilling pattern - otherwise of course you'd need to use a different drilling pattern to accommodate such a module and obviously that's a headache.

Anyways, food for thought.


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You might want to check out the pcbs for some of the VFE projects at they use two pcbs, with one of them holding the power jack and input and output jacks (plus the charge pump, if used, and additional power supply filtering). those jacks on the smaller pcb then fit inside the case enclosure and have to align closely with the holes you drill into the enclosure for them. the input and output jacks also mount to the sides of the case, but the power jack is reached through a hole drilled in the enclosure.

I haven't seen any pcb jack mounts to go on the end of an enclosure, but it could be done.