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Bud to single hop experimentals...I'll fuckin drink anything and probably find something about it to admire. I agree though, IPA's have oversaturated the market. Still, there is such a wide spectrum of achievable flavor profiles that I think it's quite possible to turn die hard haters into appreciaters if it's done with finesse ?. Like, citra hops just rustle my jimmies. IDK, I like that they can taste like goddamn bananas and passion fruit even though you don't add those ridiculous ingredients to the beer. But, right now all my budget allows is Coors. Fu pandemic.
Coors yes I could drink that, Coors Light no thank you It's one of the few beers on my I'll never drink that shit again list, which includes Milwaukee's Best, if that's there best they should give up!

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Yeah defo a good deal. Mine was MG Chemicals brand if it helps.

sorry to re-hijack again, but...
Is the Little Creatures still there in Fitzroy?
Not sure as it was over 10 years ago while I was on a vacay. If you are in Melbourne, I have a friend named Boris who I worked with in the fine dining scene here in SF. He relocated to Melbourne and opened up a bakery called All Are Welcome. He is hands down the most talented Pastry Chef I've ever worked with in my time (doing time?) in pretentious Michelin starred joints or otherwise. In our free time we used to fix up old 70's mopeds in his garage and he built one out that was a three wheeler that towed a homemade tandoor oven he built and used for his pop-up restaurant that specialized in Georgian (the country) cuisine. Anywho, though I've never been, his bakery looks awesome and he is a real stand up dude. I highly recommend supporting anything he is involved in.
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Wow - his bakeries do look good. They're just a bit further north than I normally venture in Melbourne. By the time I get to the top of the cafe strips in either Smith St, Brunswick St or Lygon St I stop. My brother lives in West Melbourne and is in easy walking distance of the North Melbourne eating area. Northcote is the next lot of suburbia out of Melbourne so the distances are just that bit further - ok with a car or by tram but I like walking.

And if anyone boasts a Michelin star I give them a wide berth!