Is anyone able to identify a replacement 3.5mm PCB mount, 3-contact jack?


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Link to photos

I pulled out an old Furman SPB-8 pedalboard and two of the 3.5mm PCB mounted jacks for 9V pedal power were snapped off at 2 of the 3 the leads.

I looked around online but I'm hoping to make sure whatever I order to solder on is the right size and lines up with the PCB mount holes.

Or if anyone knows of a way to reuse the two with broken leads that would be even better.


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Get a compact jack and wire it up to the first component the jack used to reach via the trace.

Hmm just saw the photos... I'd still just get compact jacks with a threaded collar and wire them up, that way the plugging and unplugging doesn't affect the solder connections on the PCB side.


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There's probably something by CUI Devices that's a match, here's their 3.5mm jacks:[0].sn=Audio Standard (mm)&[0].sv=3.5

On quick glance these two look close:

Their stuff is all on digikey, mouser and the like for next to nothing. They're cheap enough that if you thought a couple looked like matches I'd just snag each of them personally.