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Items Waiting for Email Upon Restocking


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It's not really an "issue", rather a "wish list" consideration for the sales site. We can conveniently see our 'Orders' at the click of a button. I suggest that it might be beneficial if we could also see a list of those items for which we are on the 'Email Waiting List' for a given part, PCB, etc.

Just thinking out loud.


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That's not a bad idea.
I don't think that the plugin that handles the waitlist supports that, but I'll look around and see if there might be one that does.
I'm guessing there is a mailing list collected somewhere in that system for those awaiting restock. Perhaps the list could be filtered by the current logged in user's email address and if there are any out of stock items for which they'd signed up, such a list of items could be displayed somehow. If the filter returns a null response, just toss up a message indicating so.

I used to modify forum web code in PHP and ASP and we hacked the daylights out of some different ones to get the web forums to behave as we liked. I know shopping site software is different and have no clue about that stuff. Also, I've slept since doing any web development, so I've forgotten most of what I knew.

Anyway, thanks for shouting back.


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It's written in PHP, so it's not impossible. I'm fair at working with PHP, but not an expert by any means.

The thing about modifying / creating plugins is that the code has been abstracted so much that just knowing PHP won't cut it, you have to become familiar with their API. Almost everything is an API call of some form or another.

I really need to brush up on all of this because it would allow me to make all sorts of customizations to the site.... it's just a matter of finding the time to actually do it.


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I've been using it as a wish list of sorts. As I have posted in the past. The problem is that I just keep buying the in stock items. And getting the email that something is in stock just makes me buy more. I think I have 15 of your PCBs filed away just waiting for me to start on them.


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If you are logged into your site you can see your wait list.

Is shows you the items that you are currently waiting for as well as all items that have been on your wait list in the past.

View attachment 5846

Wait, was that just instantiated? Was it always there? Did I miss that completely? I was there just yesterday and did not see that option button selection. Which ever way, (my just missing it or someone toggling a feature), 'nuff said. That's the very feature I was looking for. Thanks!