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Hey, new guy here... started building pedals a little over a year ago if you don't count one a kit I built from an electronics warehouse in 1992 lol... I searched the forum and didn't see anybody talking about this. It was a video JHS released about a month ago and he gave away the schematic for it in the video description (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gYhKOddL0GHauRGQfZrUwQypvEwirMiw/view?usp=sharing) which I downloaded and proceeded to put together, when I got done it would not work🤨 I was like crap what did I do wrong... lol So I double and triple and quadruple checked everything, and then I remembered something on the TAYDA website about the fuzz face if you didn't want to use the PNP transistors that make the pedal positive ground you could use the NPN transistors and just swamp the polarity of the polarized caps and make it negative ground... so I FLIPPED them even though I was using PNP that were not geranium and voila it worked... doesn't sound too bad either... So I was just wondering if anyone else had tried this and what their results were. Here's the link to the video if you haven't seen it.
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Do you have positive DC going to ground? -9vdc is your VCC (common collector voltage)..
It will work both ways, i.e, with a negative ground, just make sure you observe the correct polarities on, yup, transistors and electrolytics..