King Tone Blues Power


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I’ve spent countless dollars on boutique overdrives over the past fifteen years. I cannot find much fault in the King Tone Blues Power. It has a wonderful base tone and pushes fuzz pedals beautifully. It also likes being pushed by another. Very natural and low noise floor. I would love to have this one available for a 125B with top jacks.


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The blues power does sound good. Is it TS inspired. I see there are a few gut shots on the inter webs, it doesn’t look all that complicated. It should easily fit in a 125b.


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Excellent pedal!
I've been using one for 3 years and it has never left my pedalboard. Perfect for that cooking blackface fender vibe.
I don't live in the US, otherwise I would have sent the pedal to PedalPCB for tracing.
Here are some pictures. I can make more if that would be helpful.

9_IMG_20200813_111528901.jpg 6_IMG_20200813_111549222.jpg 4_IMG_20200813_111646012.jpg 5_IMG_20200813_111557402.jpg 21_IMG_20200813_105421347.jpg 23_IMG_20200813_105347456.jpg