Kit-bashed Lo-Fi Guitar Synth (sorta in progress)


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BYOC boards I got at some point, decided to finally use 'em. Mu-Tron Octave Divider w/ mods -> Envelope Filter / fixed wah w/ Expression Pedal input ->Octavia...
I apparently swapped the pots for Level and Intensity on the Octavia while boxing, so I'll have to pop that out and correct. Also, forgot the LED for the Envelope filter/ Fixed Wah. I'm also gonna tidy up the wires some, I just wanted to make sure everything worked.

Jacks are for Input, Aux Output from the Divided Octave, Expression input for the Manual pot of the Fixed Wah, and Effects Loop between the Envelope Filter and the Octavia, Output, and Power Jack.

All of this is boxed in one of the custom steel enclosures a mate been fabricating for me


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