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This all started because I got a good deal on some 1590G enclosures. The “G” is for how GD @#$&ing small these enclosures are. Which I now know, though I admit I did not at the time I impulse purchased…a few…of them.

I did some things differently for this build. Things called “measuring carefully” and “taking breaks when you’re angry.” To paraphrase Bill Murray in Groundhog Day: “don’t measure angry.” After some yoga and decaf, I even used a Vernier calipers!

Worked on the first try, does the thing. I put an eye-watering pink LED in it because I could.

You should build one, too. Everybody needs a buffer unless they don’t. This pic 👇 is not upside down btw 687D0FAD-AD6C-422A-8994-D7637B797B95.jpeg