Kliche mini minor problems


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The pedals seems to be working I’m assuming one maybe some of the components are wrong but the concentric gain pot is backwards and it is not true bypass will not let sound travel thru without power on. It does not actual distort with the gain the whole way up just boost what’s there. Still louder then normal when on.


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The gain pot should be doing 2 things as you turn it up. Think of this pedal as 2 channels - a gain side (pretty low gain still) and a clean side. As you turn up the gain, you increase the gain on the gain side, and also gradually mix out the clean side and mix in the gain side. If you are only hearing clean boost, and the volume drops as you turn the gain up, it sounds as if your distortion side is not working at all. On the schematic that would be the network between C2 and R15

Also, this pedal was originally buffered bypass, and so any copy will be buffered bypass as well. There are some that offer true bypass as either standard or an option, but these do not hold true to the original.