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Hey all! Just finished this up recently and had a good time doing it. All in all the build itself was pretty fun, no major issues. I did accidentally mix up my input and ground wires initially, but that was a quick and easy fix. Outside of that everything came together and worked as advertised. I'm not much of an expression pedal user, but I do have the Old Blood Noise Expression Ramper, so I figured I'd include the expression jack in case just to see how those two would play together.

As for the pedal itself, this one is funky and weird. I probably need to mess around with it more, but I have a hard time finding uses for it where the pitch knob isn't set to unity. When it is set to unity, I really dig the chorus sounds you can get out of it. It's different from many other chorus sounds I've heard, and the lag knob can make things pretty interesting. The "Magic" feature is pretty cool too. I like having the regen set to noonish since it creates this weird kind of backwash to whatever you're playing. The verdict is still out on whether I like the pedal enough to use it much yet, though. I know more can be done with it since it seems like there's a reason the range of pitches would be included in the circuit. I just need to figure out some ways to use it musically.

I'm also pretty stoked with how the pedal turned out visually. I feel like I'm starting to get my waterslides a little more dialed in. First off, I subtracted a millimeter or two from the overall dimensions of the decal. I think it looks a lot better with that tiny bit of space between the edge of the pedal and the decal itself, rather than just covering the whole enclosure and laying over the side of it. I also bought one of these for rounding out the corners of the decal. I'm still trying to get the clear coat process dialed in, since there are tiny little bubbles that sometimes appear when it dries, but they're generally not all that noticeable unless you really looking for them.

IMG_9517-PhotoRoom.png IMG_9508-PhotoRoom.png
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