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Mach 1 OPA2134 Alternatives?


New member
I'm starting to order parts for a Mach 1 Overdrive (greer lightspeed). Is there a good substitute for the OPA2134? It seems hard to find and expensive... I'm guessing any dual op amp would work, but will this mess with the core sound of the overdrive?


Active member
Tayda used to have them for "cheap" around 3,5$. Dunno if they are gonna restock :/. My guess is ifyou stick a tl072 in it you won't see the difference :p


Well-known member
The light speed does have a higher clipping threshold than many overdrive pedals. One direction has 3 diodes in series. So, it may be more sensitive to op amp selection than other circuits since it’s operating closer to the power rails to create clipping. (I haven’t built this one myself, just speculating).

it will certainly work with a tl072 or similar, and the difference may be subtle. Definitely socket it either way so it’s easy to experiment with later if you want. (I prefer socketing all my op amps anyway). Just be sure to use the ones that look like this since they’re more reliable than the other types.



New member
That's what I think I'll do... just socket the tl072 until i have to get something else from mouser so I'm not paying $8 shipping for a $4 part 😂
Thank yall for the help :)

Chuck D. Bones

Well-known member
I agree, it's unlikely that you'll hear the difference using a TL072. If there is a difference to be heard, it will be at low DRIVE levels where the signal passes thru clean.