Making an spdt toggle switch into another footswitch with led indictor


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Im thinking of changing the spdt toggle switch with a footswitch
And i wanna add a led indicator like choosing between jazz and rock mode in a dumble pedal for instance
And each mode has a different color
Or just one led on and off
What is the best method to do it?
Looking at the bottom of a footswitch with the openings facing north/south:

1 4 7
2 5 8
3 6 9

2, 5, and 8 are the common / middle for each column.

Your SPDT should take up one column (eg., 1-3), and your LED setup will take up another (eg., 7-9)

For the LED, you could use a bi-color, but wiring will depend on whether it’s common anode (+) with separate cathodes (-) or vice versa. If it’s common anode, you’d wire it like this:

7 > CLR > cathode A
8 > Ground
9 > CLR > cathode B

Then wire the common anode to DC+.

Don't forget your CLR for the LED.
Other bi-colour combos are available such as green/blue and green/amber or red/blue.

Alternatively, you could use a DPDT footswitch, if you have one at hand (foot?).
It makes sense to buy 3PDT in bulk, but my brain is ingrained with waste not, want not — so that unused pole on a 3PDT used in a DPDT situation kicks in my OCD.

Also, a DPDT foot-switch has a different feel than a 3PDT.