Marble Drive (Ramble FX Marvel Drive)


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Next up is an MIAB.

There was an earlier thread about how someone built it and it doesn't sound like the real thing.
I'm not sure what became of that but it's a nice sounding MIAB albeit a bit bright.

I can only run it with the Presence control all the way off and just a touch of the treble gain.

Someone mentioned that this is just another Golden Falk. Well aside from the controls I don't see/hear a lot of similarity.

Both the Marble and Falk mimic the Normal and Treble channels of a 4 hole Marshall. You dial the two gains to taste.

The Falk has a LOT more bass content. The Marble would probably excel at lifting out of a band mix but the Falk is much more satisfying to play for me.
(The rumble in the nether regions) Neat pedal!


That's good to know! I bought the Golden Falk board but haven't got around to building it because it did seem like it was very close to this one. I never really liked the Marvel Drive. Now I can built the Golden Falk with confidence and a pep in my step.