Max photo size


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I don't know how easy this would be to implement...

Currently, it appears that the maximum photo size that the forum servers can handle is 2MB.

Modern smartphones tend to take photos that significantly surpass that threshold: typically I need to resize my pictures before I'm able to post.

Not a big deal, but it's the sort of speedbump where I might take a photo, resize, realize that the photo's crap, put off posting a clean build because's more a "me" problem than anything else.

Butttttt....damn it'd be nice to be able to just upload and go. FWIW.


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On an iphone when you go to upload it you can select different sizes of the photo from the upload dialogue (from small to original size) but I feel like you lose a ton of details on the ones that can fit on the forum


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Yeah, that’s why I have to use Imgur every time I post a photo. To get to 2MB I have to compress the hell out of the pics until you can’t make any details out


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I usually send photos I wanna post through Facebook messenger and then save them. It squashes the hell out of em

That's what I do, but with Google Photos. I just do a "save-as" with the preview image and use that. If I were troubleshooting I think I'd link the full size image in my Google album so people could get a hi-rez version.


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Just went looking to see if this thread already existed. I'll just add a +1 to it. Even a bump to 3-4MB should cover iPhone JPG at full size.