MBP Touchstone (EHX Small Clone Chorus)


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Continuing to work down my backlog of drilled & painted enclosures.
I've actually had this one ready to go for a couple of weeks but somehow it kept getting pushed to the back of the pile.

I grabbed this board during the last big MBP sale and before @fig gifted the GPCB Mini-Me Chorus board, which is the same circuit.

The GPCB version has the option to use the V3207 BBD which was what I used in that build. I thought it would be interesting to build this one which only has the option for an MN3007 to see if there was any difference.

Somehow it felt like the MBP version had more components, I haven't sat down and compared the BOM's closely but just going off memory, it seems like the Mini-Me went a lot faster, but it could be just my subjective experience.

They both sound awesome and I find that I prefer the Small Clone over the Caesar. It's less flexible but it's a thicker, chewier kind of chorus.
Classic analog chorus sounds. They can go from subtle, which sounds great with gain (as I used on my Goldtop demo), to truly seasick & wild, which is fun but not too usable for me.

The differences between how the Touchstone and Mini-Me sound are pretty minuscule and could probably be attributed to variances in the components as much as much as the BBD chips themselves. The V3207 version sounds ever so slightly crisper and the MN3007 ever so slightly warmer and meatier. But we're talking hair spitting differences here. They are, for all practical purposes, identical sounding. So good on CoolAudio for nailing it with these BBDs.

The build went smoothly and aside from the tight squeeze to get the e-caps to fit on the board, I had no issues. Having just built a couple of other MBP boards the little "gotcha's" that seem to typically get me were fresh on my mind and I managed to avoid them. (Like the wiring the jacks backwards....hahaha)

This is another rattle can paint job in a brick red that I sprayed a layer of semi-gloss clear over. The semi-gloss leaves what looks like a bit of white residue behind which I'm not too happy about, but overall this is one of the better handling colors I've tried.

I think I've got choruses covered between these two Small Clone clones and the Caesar and don't plan on building any more unless a CE-1 project ever comes along. Now THAT would be cool!:)




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Looks great!

I have a couple waiting for me to jam in a box in parallel. Had to scratch my PedalPCB itch today, though