Missing Build Docs / Schematics

The 5V regulator is correct. The DC/DC converters are 5V In / 9V Out.

That's why you get paid the big bucks.


I have four of these PCBs. This is saving me from buying another Strymon Ojai, but even better with 4 of these no more power split cords at all :)
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Are there any cheap options you know of for the dc/dc converters that output more mA ? I was planning on having one or two bigger taps

The only ones I've tried are the XP Power 1W, 2W, and 3W versions.

While on the topic, how is isolation between outputs achieved?

The DC/DC converters have electrically isolated outputs and the DC jacks don't share a common ground.

Since I'm looking for 9v operation I'm assuming these are what I'd need with the l78l05cv?
12V for the USB Power Converter (This is filtered / regulated down to 9V)

9V for the 4-Tap Isolator

The USB Power Converter has an additional stage of regulation/filtering to make up for noisy computer power supplies.

The next restock of the 4-Tap Isolator will possibly add some additional regulation as well, and if so that will require the 12V DC/DC converter to make up for the dropout voltage of the regulators.
I am looking for schematics on the 4 tap isolator and and usb power converter. I would like to learn how to scale the 4 taps up to have more outputs. Conversely, I would like to also see how to do only one isolated tap. I apologize if it is really obvious how to accomplish these two things. Thanks!