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It’s alive!!!! It’s very rat like, the fat potentiometer is an interesting change. It sounds good thick and juicy, and anywhere in between, or before I guess. The diodes in the feedback loop is even more crunchier, and the GEs, wow! I think I got every rat covered and maybe a few new ones. I just gotta wait for it to be above 55 outside to paint the damn thing.

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Nice clipping array! I'm still working on my breadboard version...I even thought about wiring an opamp selection between LM308 and OP07 (lots of's not pretty)
There’s at least one guy I read about having switchable ICs in a Rat-build — upshot was the chip didn't matter, other mods did more to change the sound.

Still, it’d be fun and useful to build a test-bench chip comparison doodad that you plug into the IC socket of whatever you’re working on for quicker A/B testing than manually swapping ICs while the memory of what the first IC sounded like fades from memory while getting the second IC set up.

Cannibalise an old computer-printer switcher for its multi-decade rotary… something like this:



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The darned thing sounded so good with just a tin-can and some random Ge diodes, I decided to build the breadboarded one and build another on a proto-sled for further experiments.

A rotary-array you say? Okay! I say
Well dammit, time to build a super ultra mega rat!
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Glad to hear it’s sounding good @jimilee - thanks to your inspiration I’ve got a PCB on the way with a 2P4T for soft clipping, hard clipping with LED or Si and an option for no clipping.


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Haven't gotten there yet....great job sir!
Thank you. Thanks to Elecrow, I got 9 more boards if anyone wants one. I did miss a spot, so you gotta run a jumper from the right side of r9 to ground. I’m gonna stick with JLCPCB.
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