my free samples (germanium NPN) are here!


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Q3's HFE is not critical in the Fuchsia. I always recommend socketing germanium transistors so you can try different ones.

Here's a pic of my prototype with a 2N1306 installed. Check the date code, that transistor is over 40 years old!

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sweet! I'm going to have to build that.

My Texas Instrument 2N1306 is 521A and my 2N1304s are 437A
How do you tell the date? They can't be 1952 and 1947. But they are at least 60's vintage

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Those are 60's vintage. Pretty sure that all thru the 60's the first digit was the year part of the date code. After that, the semiconductor manufacturers started using two digits. The last two digits are the week, the letter code, IDK. Might be a factory or production lot code. The ETCO 2N1306 in the pic above was made in the 11th week of 1979. Your 2N1306 was made in the 21st week of 1965. If the glass seal is good, these things will last a very long time in storage. The leads will tarnish (unless they're gold plated), but that's about it.


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I just finished one myself and the best way I can describe it is ‘timid’. It lacks any real umph. I’m wondering if it’s the 2N1304’s? Also, the trimpot doesn’t seem to have any real affect on the sound.
i just noticed the same. i built it and the trim pot does little to nothing. im trying different Trannies. Si and Ge. i have some old soviet Ge. but doesnt stand up to my cloven hoof IMO.

Chuck D. Bones

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Not really a fair comparison, the Hoof is a BMP and those have plenty of gain & compression. When I breadboarded the 1304 and played it, it made me yawn. Maybe swapping Q1 & Q2 might make it better.