Need help with deciding on graphics for a muzzle


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So I’m finishing up a muzzel it will have a few mods... an external range switch, an illuminated stomp(green for off red for on) and the gated led indication will be an under lit panel.. (blue for gated and red for active... so here are my graphics ideas Im not 100% on ether so witch one? Or can you inspire a brother. FE256C1D-7002-4F70-A11D-FC8E91F6B6D7.png 8B005FBE-27F8-4A37-9018-E2148B05F803.jpeg
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First one.....If you can get it on the enclosure

I put my LED in backwards in my two ive built...Red for on Green for

I just left it...these are awesome pedals

Just waiting on the THAT's chips...on the email list